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Corpack is specialized in the design and development of cosmetic packaging. Our capabilities include taking an idea or concept and visually creating a saleable item or brand and producing the final product. During this process we take into consideration all the individual needs of our customer’s vision. We can take components from our Standard range and customize certain elements to create Customized Standards, which minimizes the tooling investment versus a Custom Design, which is a uniquely designed and developed package entirely for the customer or brand.
Corpack’s design team is dedicated to the task of creating new and fresh ideas, always staying up-to-date with the newest in trends, technologies, and behavioral developments. We are of the opinion that it is the “outer- or visual appearance” that entices or attracts a consumer to buy the product and the content is the aspect that keeps them coming back.



Corpack can also offer a “Full Service” option in which we manage the production of the components and the filling or completion thereof. The advantage for our customer is that the entire process is handled by one source, eliminating errors, redundant processing, or multi-tasking by the customer. In other words, the work is done, overseen, and managed by one source.
During this process we work closely with our customers to ensure a successful outcome. Corpack works with long-term and experienced partners in the various fields of filling and processing of turn-key products.

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To promote or increase the chance that a customer selects and purchases a product (that we have created), we are careful to develop a sound and reliable end-product. A design solution presented by Corpack is not only a nice shape, but a concept that is technically tested and “producible”. While other design agencies may put a nicely shaped item on your table, you will be forced to ensure the technical feasibility of this product on your own. Whatever Corpack puts on the table, you can be sure it can be molded and/or produced in an industrial mode. An advantage that can not only save time, but certainly also money. In addition to the product development we take care of all processes form the manufacturing, thru quality control and the delivery to your doorstep.



The right visuals and typography achieve a strong identity. Various possible designs, imprints and finishes on the packaging complete a strong appearance. Our experienced design team can help you make an impact by creating products, logos and designs to differentiate your brand. Here are some of the corporate logos designed by Corpack.



In the production process we try to eliminate errors, reduce wastage and produce economically. Our production partners are the best in their respective fields and we only select those with experience and a reliable track-record in terms of maintaining high quality standards over time. In short, we constantly strive for reliability, continuity, efficiency, at a repetitive level of quality.

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