Sustainably packaged by Corpack

Corpack offers and produces intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions with the goal of reducing the plastic content. This includes natural raw materials such as wood, cork, Sughera® and revolutionary new solutions made of a non-petrol-based biodegradable material.

Corpack’s »Concepts in Wood« is a compilation of environmentally friendly components, enhanced or completed with a real wood finish. The wood used in the completion of these components is deriven from ecologically sustainable European forests, certified thru the PEFC organization. While this is an extensive range of standard components, covering almost all areas of cosmetic packaging,

Corpack presents the  «Cork Collection«. This development is an example of our ongoing efforts to be ahead of the game when it comes to new and innovative packaging. It is also in support of the general trend to finding environmentally conscientious packaging materials. The cork parts use are remnants of the cork production process, contributing to a reduction of oil-based materials used in the packaging of cosmetics. Corpack has and will be developing more standard components using cork elements, but can also provide customized solutions for just about all cosmetic packaging needs.

Corpack presents the material innovation SUGHERA ®. The material consists of a synthetic rubber-blend mixed with ground pieces of natural cork. For the first time a micro-agglomerated natural cork is injection molded and formed without using glue. Besides its special composition, connecting nature with technology, the distinctive features of SUGHERA ® are a good resistance to various elements and versatility in application. This new material (70% cork, 30% rubber-blend) uses less petroleum-based materials, while giving the component a natural look and feel. Also it is 100% recyclable. SUGHERA ® components can be made in a variety of colors. The cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap enables Corpack to be the first company to introduce SUGHERA ® in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

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