Since its founding in 1995, Corpack has made a name for itself in the field of innovative design for cosmetic packaging. We design, develop and produce “out of the ordinary” packaging for the cosmetic industry. Corpack combines 28 years of international experience in the cosmetic packaging industry with the last 12 years having specialized in developing complete design & packaging solutions. It is our belief that when it comes to a cosmetic product, it is the “outer appearance” or “image” (packaging) that attracts attention and entices the consumer to buy, while the product itself or the quality thereof “keeps the customer coming back”.

Corpack, through its constant contact with the international cosmetic scene, is always in touch with the current trends and demands of the industry. We see it as our goal to provide the customer with complete and up-to-date solutions (i.e. complete lines or designs) to their packaging needs. The more complete a line can be in appearance and function, the more believable or aesthetically appealing this product will be to the end consumer. Therefore, Corpack is continuously working with a young and ambitious team of designers in creating tomorrow’s look. In conjunction with design, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways

of applying or dispensing cosmetic products. These efforts are supported by our manufacturers, who bring the technological expertise that is necessary to realize these ideas. Corpack has the ability to either supply Standard Components or lines, modify these standards to achieve “Customized Standards” or create an entire new design/concept altogether. The emphasis is on complete solutions. We invite you to take a look at our standard lines and to test our ability in providing packaging solutions.

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