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We follow social trends, mobility and environmental aspects. We are curious and inspired by things we encounter in everyday life.

Our in-house design team is dedicated to create new ideas and staying updated with the latest trends, technologies and behaviors of targets in different segments. We also develop innovative and sustainable concepts for all types of cosmetic packaging, and are evolving rapidly and conscientiously.

Take advantage of it and take your brand to the next level.


Matrix Make-up Palette

Designed with eco-conscious women in mind, who want to create and combine their individual beauty essentials. The refillable make-up palette features an innovative sliding system that completely eliminates the need for magnets. The system developed by Corpack provides secure support for square pans in various widths and makes replacement easy.

The size is convenient on the go and offers endless possibilities to combine eye shadows, blush, highlighter and powder for customization. This allows the consumer to reduce the number of packages and keep the collection of cosmetics up to date, at the same time, creating a sustainable system that reduces carbon footprints.

  • Refillable, without magnets.
  • Multiple-use extends the life of the packaging.
  • Reducing waste, saving resources and protecting the environment.

Twin Pack Concept

Some things come in twos — whether they are shampoo and conditioner, sun and after-sun, or shower-gel and lotion. The products should save space in the bathroom, be perfect for travel and easy and convenient to use. What could be better than combining both products?

  • Two different products in one unit while allowing for independent dispensing.
  • Technically optimized for large-scale production and filling processes.
  • Designed and developed by Corpack
  • Ideal for cross-promotions, as well as enhancing product sales, customer loyalty, and brand impact.
  • Material: HDPE bottles, 150ml/150ml, 50ml/50ml

Mixcycling® Sughera

The first time we tasted Sughera® cork blend, we were immediately impressed by the velvety surface and natural look. This sustainable material inspire our creations for cosmetic packaging.

  • Composition: 70% recycled cork and 30% synthetic rubber-blend.
  • Sughera® components can be injection molded in countless shapes and sizes and made in selected natural or color tones. Customizable by embossing and printing logos.
  • Helps to reduce the plastic content in the packaging and recycle organic production scaps.

Over the last years, Corpack has focused on integrating natural materials and has strived to develop resource-saving packaging solutions for cosmetics. The cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap srl enables Corpack to be the first company to introduce Sughera in a wide range of cosmetic packaging including skin care.

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