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Our dedicated in-house design team is always on the lookout for new ideas and the latest trends and technologies.

We develop innovative packaging solutions that offer consumers an enhanced product experience. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our dedication to sustainable packaging concepts using innovative materials.

Project: GEZEITEN / Refillable Cosmetic Jar (2023)

Custom Development

The aim was to ensure a high-quality implementation of the existing design concept. This meant developing a refill system for the jar without changing the external shape.

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Project: BIRKENSTOCK / Refillable Airless Dispenser (2017)

Custom Design

German footwear brand Birkenstock enters the cosmetics market with skincare products based on cork oak, the material from which its iconic shoe soles are made. Corpack designs refillable airless dispensers with bases made from the renewable raw material cork, creating a link with the brand.

Project: Twin Pack Duo-Bottle

New Product Development

This patented, unique packaging combines two different products in one unit, enabling you to bring exciting new product combinations to the market.

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Project: Perphone (2015)

Product Design

Designed, developed and produced by Corpack, Perphone is a fashion and fragrance accessory, combining the world of smartphones with a fragrance. Perphone® is available as a set with several refillable cartridges.

Sughera® / Mixcycling® Blends

Innovative Materials

Sughera® / Mixcycling® blends have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to petroleum-based plastics, as less plastic material is used and more organic by-products are inserted. The cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap srl enables Corpack to be the first company to introduce Sughera in a wide range of cosmetic packaging, including skin care.

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Project: PLANET REVOLUTION / Eyeshadow Palette

Sustainable Packaging

Design and development of an eyeshadow palette made of biodegradable BioD. This bioplastic is made from 100% renewable raw materials, which are also used for paper production. We developed this palette using only one material, without metal, magnets, or adhesives.

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