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Sustainable Packaging

How to make your packaging more sustainable.

Our solutions are to reduce and change the primary packaging and the use of sustainable materials with the aim of reducing petroleum-based plastics:

  • Refillable packaging
  • PCR (Recycled PE/PET)
  • Mixcycling® Blends (Sughera, Lignum etc.)
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • BioD (cellulose-based and biodegradable bioplastic)

Bio-Based Mixcycling Blends/Cork-Based Sughera

These are blends composed of different organic by-products (cork, wood, rice husks, coffee husks, etc.) mixed with bio-based compounds.

Mixcycling® Blends are available as biodegradable or recyclable compositions. Thanks to the Mixcycling® process, the recycled organic waste- or by-products take on a new lease on life in the packaging.

CORPACK GmbH is an authorised Mixcycling® partner for cosmetic packaging.


Biodegradable Bio-Plastic “BioD”

With BioD material, we offer another environmentally friendly packaging alternative to conventional, petroleum-based plastic packaging. This new biodegradable material consists of 100% renewable raw materials, the same as used in the production of paper products.

BioD is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable, and therefore suitable for composting. This initial version is industrially compostable and certified as such (EN 13432). The use of these new and innovative materials not only saves resources, but provides the same protection, stability, and hygienic factors of other conventional plastics. The big advantage being the ability to decompose in nature, where the other polymers would end up in the environment as microplastic particles or not degrading for hundreds of years.



Wood is a warm, natural material that transforms a package into an exclusive object: Every texture is unique! A wooden cap or jar clearly conveys the ultimate message of nature.

The wood used in the completion of these components comes from ecologically sustainable European forests and is PEFC/FSC certified.


Refillable Packaging Solutions

The life of the packaging is extended by reuse. The primary packaging becomes a faithful and environmentally conscious companion.
We develop sophisticated refill packaging that is easy to handle and offers maximum variety:

  • Refillable compacts, make-up palettes
  • Refillable airless dispensers
  • Refillable lipsticks and sticks
  • Refillable jars
  • Refillable fragrance sprays

PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)

We offer bottles which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET. Replacing the use of virgin materials, PCR can be recycled again for new manufacturing, offering genuine sustainability.



Cork is one of the world’s most sustainable raw materials: 100% natural, recyclable, and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. The processing is sustainable, every gram of cork is used.

Our cork components are produced from leftovers from cork production in Portugal and help to reduce the plastic content in packaging.

If you hold a cork object in your hands, you notice the difference. It feels silky soft and pleasant – as if you were holding a piece of nature in your hands.

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