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Refillable Make-up Palette for Benecos.

The natural beauty company Benecos uses Corpack’s newly developed refill make-up kit for pressed powders, which does not require magnets, for its it-pieces palette.

Designed with eco-conscious women in mind, who want to create and combine their individual beauty essentials.

The make-up palette features an innovative sliding system that completely eliminates the need for magnets. The system developed by Corpack provides secure support for square pans in various widths and makes replacement easy: open the lid, slide the rail and fill godets. Multiple-use extends the life of the packaging ­­­– reducing waste, saving resources and protecting the environment.

The size is convenient on the go and offers endless possibilities to combine eye shadows, blush, highlighter and powder for customization. This allows the consumer to reduce the number of packages and keep the collection of cosmetics up to date, at the same time, creating a sustainable system that reduces carbon footprints.

Benecos it-pieces make-up palette