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Lip Gloss Series “Made in Europe”.

Make your product shine with the new lip gloss range “Made in Europe”:

High-quality, crystal-clear containers, thick walled, and available with a variety of flocked applicators for even precision.

The lip gloss containers are generally available in SAN, while some are possible in virgin or PCR PET.

Attractive decoration options such as screen printing, lacquering or hot foil stamping give your products a brilliant appearance.

Product Information

Bottle SAN, cap SAN/ABS
Capacity: 5ml
Dimensions: Ø 20mm, h 90mm

Bottle SAN, cap SAN/ABS
Capacity: 3,5 ml
Dimensions: Ø 16mm, h 124mm

Bottle PET, cap PET
Capacity: 4–5ml
Dimensions: Ø 18mm, h 107mm

Bottle: SAN, cap SAN/ABS
Capacity: 6ml
Dimensions: 20.5×20.5mm, h 86mm