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Refillable mono-material lipsticks are convenient and sustainable.

Our refill lipstick made from 100% PET combines various sustainability concepts such as easy recycling and reusability. Since the container is made of only one material – mono-material – it is much easier to sort and recycle than packaging made of a mix of materials.

When the stick is used up, the lipstick case can simply be refilled – an environmentally friendly and resource-saving solution!

A refillable lipstick offers a good opportunity to reduce plastic consumption through multiple use, and at the same time promotes customer loyalty.

Refill lipstick

  • Material: 100% PET
  • Recyclable mono-material
  • Cup size: Ø 12,7mm
  • Reusable and refillable container
  • MOQ: 10,000


Refill Lippenstift aus Monomaterial 2