BioD Cosmetic Packaging (cellulose-based bioplastic)

With closures and cosmetic packaging made of BioD we offer another eco-friendly packaging alternative to conventional, petroleum-based plastic packaging.

This new biodegradable material consists of 100% renewable raw materials, the same as used in the production of paper products. The use of this innovative material not only saves resources, but also offers the big advantage that it decomposes naturally, unlike polymers, which outlast generations in the environment.

100% recyclable and fully biodegradable
Cellulose-based bioplastic is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable and for this reason, suitable for composting. This initial version is industrially compostable and certified as such (EN 13432). A home-composting version has recently been developed and has been submitted for certification.

Unlimited creativity
We are using this material for color lines such as Avalon compacts, as well as other packaging components used for cosmetic products. BioD is suitable for injection molding and thermoforming and can also be combined with other sustainable materials such as Sughera® or wood. It can be hot-stamped or silk-screened and individually color-matched with biodegradable pigments.

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