Dahlia Pump

The Dahlia pump will satisfy many who have special requirements for the materials used in primary packaging.

The gel pump is POM-free and therefore suitable for natural cosmetic formulations, while the metal pump spring does not come in contact with the product. This is an important factor for sensitive formulas.

  • Sophisticated design and functionality
  • POM-free, therefore suitable for natural cosmetics
  • Metal-free product pathway for better product protection
  • High product compatibility with complex formulas
  • Lockable or with safety clip
  • Available as gel or lotion pump

Ideal for facial care products such as gel, serum or make-up, body care, hair styling products

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  • Dahlia gel pump, POM-free, metal-free product contact, neck 20/410, dosage 0,2cc, with safety clip
  • Dahlia lotion pump, metal-free product contact, neck 24/410, dosage of 0,5cc, lockable

Material PP with a matte finish

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