Kneipp – natural lip balm, sustainably packed

Corpack has developed and produced the new lip balm case for the Kneipp brand, which offers a visual and soft touch experience thanks to the new material used in this sustainable packaging concept.
The lower part of the lipstick was made from Sughera®. The natural soft touch surface and look are characteristic of this new material, emphasizing a back-to-nature appeal.

The cork material provides a renewable source of raw materials and means the recycled and granulated cork bits from Portugal, take on a new “lease on life” in the packaging. Kneipp has been awarded the German Packaging Award 2018 for the lip care line.

For a consultation on how to work the Sughera® into your line of products, please contact us.


Mixcycling® Sughera is an innovative, eco-friendly material consisting of 70% recycled cork and 30% synthetic rubber-blend. The cork material is conform with Ecocert/Cosmos standards and helps to reduce the plastic content in the packaging while giving the component a natural look and feel.

The partnership with the manufacturer Livingcap srl enables us to be the first company to introduce Mixcycling® blends into a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

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