Sughera® Caps for Fragrance Bottles

Eco-friendly material, natural look and feel

Wether as a cap, closure or as an accessory – components made of Mixcycling® Sughera add a touch of nature to every package and help to reduce the plastic content in the packaging.

Sughera® is an innovative material consisting of recycled natural cork and a synthetic rubber blend. The cork material is conform with Ecocert / Cosmos standards.

Sughera® components look and feel pleasant to the touch: the surface is soft and velvety, they do not slip from the hands or surface they are lying on. This new material can be precision molded in countless shapes and in selected natural or pastel shades. Last but not least, every component made of Sughera® is unique!

For a consultation on how to work Sughera® into your line of products, please contact us.


Some reasons to use Mixcycling® Sughera

  • Reduces the plastic content in packaging
  • Volume composition: 70% recycled cork, 30% synthetic rubber blend
  • Compliant with Ecocert / Cosmos standards
  • Precise molding by injection
  • Can be combined with other components and materials
  • Light, non crumbling
  • Can be produced in selected natural and pastel shades
  • Customizable by embossing
  • Natural look, soft touch surface
  • Individual and unique
  • Anti-slip surface

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