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This new refillable jar combines luxury with sustainability.

The double-walled cream jar has a high-quality look. When the inner jar is empty, it can be replaced with a new insert with just one click. The outer jar can thus be reused.

Refill concepts increase the likelihood that the customer will purchase again. A refillable jar offers a good opportunity to reduce plastic consumption thru multiple use, while strengthening brand loyalty.

Refillable jar, insert can be replaced with one click

Refillable jar

  • Sizes: 50ml and 30ml
  • Material: cap ABS/LDPE, inner jar PP, outer jar SAN, protection cap PP
    Recycled material possible
  • Dimensions: 50ml: Ø 73mm, h 48mm / 30ml: Ø 65mm, h 43,8mm
  • Inner jar: foil sealing or protection refill cap
  • Suitable for cream and capsules
Refill Tiegel mit austauschbarem Einsatz