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Refillable Avalon compact made of 100% recycled material (PCR)

The new refillable Avalon compact made of 100% recycled ABS (PCR) is a contribution to responsible packaging solutions.

By using PCR materials for your packaging, you improve the life cycle assessment of your products, reduce the amount of waste, and foster the circular economy.
A further sustainable feature is the option to use this compact with a magnetic refill capability, extending the life cycle of the packaging and additionally reducing the CO2 footprint by saving resources and energy.

AVALON Compact

  • Material: 100% recycled ABS (PCR)
  • Dimensions: Ø 71mm, h 13mm
  • Pan size Ø 59mm
  • With magnet, refillable
  • With mirror, alternatively with transparent SAN lid
  • For compact powder, highlighter, bronzer

Individualize your compact with silk-screen printing or matte lacquering.