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Sustainable PET/PCR-PET Lipsticks in Mono-Material Design

PET mono-material for lipsticks is a good start to making products more sustainable. This is because packaging made from just one material – so-called mono-materialis easier to sort and recycle than packaging made from a mix of materials.

Alternatively, lipstick can be produced in recycled PET (PCR-PET). This improves the recycling rate and reduces CO2 emissions.
Both PET/PCR-PET materials have food grade certification and can be fully recycled.

The design options are diverse – from colorful transparent trendy stick to elegant black lipstick.

Mono-material lipsticks

  • Material: Virgin PET or recycled PET (PCR-PET)
  • Available in two designs: round/square to round
  • Transparent and colored/black
  • Recyclable mono material
  • PET/PCR-PET materials have food grade certification.