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Packaging for GRN Skin Care Lines.

With GRN shades of nature, Cosmondial launched another natural beauty brand. This is aimed at consumers who appreciate a more exclusive natural cosmetics.

At the heart of the new GRN brand are three different treatment lines with clearly assigned color codes, which are matched to the respective hair and skin types, and a men’s care range.

We provided a harmoniously styled packaging solution for most of the new products, including shampoo, body lotion, hair oil, deodorant and facial care products. Characteristic for the overall impression of all product lines is the use of glass and PE Allegra bottles from our standard range.

All products comply with the BDIH standard for certified organic cosmetics.

The color concept, based on the various ingredients of the treatment lines, is implemented by custom colored plastic bottles and matt lacquered glass bottles with 360 o screen printing. The unique but consistent look and color coding of the packaging create a homogeneous brand image, ensuring differentiation on the shelf.

In addition, the new Dahlia gel pump developed by Corpack is used for the facial care products. It is POM-free and therefore suitable for natural cosmetics. A metal-free channel guarantees that the spring does not come into contact with the formula, avoiding allergenic tendencies.