Material revolution SUGHERA

Natural Look and Feel  – Corpack Presents Material Innovation SUGHERA


In focus: SUGHERA, a revolutionary material consisting of a synthetic rubber-blend mixed with ground pieces of natural cork. For the first time a micro-agglomerated natural cork is injection molded and formed without using glue. Besides its special composition, connecting nature with technology, the distinctive features of SUGHERA are a good resistance to various elements and versatility in application. This new material (70% cork, 30% rubber-blend) uses less petroleum-based materials, while giving the component a natural look and feel. Also it is 100% recyclable. SUGHERA components can be made in a variety of colors. The natural look, the soft-touch surface, and the general cork characteristic, enhance the user experience. The new cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap enables Corpack to be the first company to introduce SUGHERA in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

Whether as a complete new design or integrated into an existing range, Corpack can transform your vision into reality including Sughera as a natural element. We will assist you from conception to production and delivery to your doorstep.

For a consultation on how to work the Sughera into your line of products, please contact us.


Some Reasons to use Sughera:

  • Light in Weight and tough in Durability
  • Non-Crumbling
  • Can be Precision Molded in Countless Shapes
  • Easily Combined with Other Components & Materials
  • Can be Produced in a Variety of Colors
  • Can be Color-Matched or Tone-in-Tone with Surrounding Colors
  • Embossing or Debossing of Logo or Texture
  • UV-, Silk-Screen or Laser-Printing Possible
  • Natural Look and Soft-Touch Surface
  • Unique in Nature
  • Anti-Slip Grip


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