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Biodegradable Eyeshadow Palettes

Corpack has designed and developed an eyeshadow palette made of sustainable, biodegradable material for Revolution Beauty‘s newly launched „Planet Revolution“ brand. The brand is intended to stand for clean formulations and conscientious packaging.

The material used is cellulose-based, 100% biodegradable and suitable for industrial composting. Corpack designed the palette using only one material, without metal, magnets or adhesive. The advantage of packaging made of mono-material is that it is easier to recycle, or in this case, biodegrade.

The pans and the mirror are integrated into the palette using a special click-system. The mirror can simply be snapped out after use and is given a „second life“ as a hand mirror. Then the remaining palette becomes a mono-material that is biodegradable. The palette lid of this version is digitally printed with various marble motifs and also acts as part of the mirror frame.

PRESS – Only One

Eyeshadow palettes require complex interaction and the combination of various elements. Corpack CEO Jean Paul Corbeil talks about the latest development, which provides a greater recyclability using just one material.

Read the full article in COSSMA “Only one” – 07 October 2021