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Mixcycling® Lolla with Rice Husks

The Mixcycling® Lolla material with rice husks feels good to the touch and creates a very natural look with its velvety surface. The visible fibers, in combination with the color base, create beautiful effects that make each component unique. Therefore, it is ideal for natural cosmetic formulations or organic brands that strive to connect with nature.

This material is made from rice husks and a bio-based polymer. The added rice husks, which are normally waste material after production, take on a new lease on life in the packaging.

Mixcycling® blends with grape pomace, wood, or cork
Mixcycling® blends can also be composed of other recycled organic by-products, i.e., grape pomace, wood, or cork scraps.

A perfect material for eco-friendly packaging solutions with the aim of reducing petroleum-based plastics and infusing organic matter derived from the waste of diverse natural product processes.

Mixcycling blend materials in natural colors

Whether as a closure or as an additional element of cosmetic packaging, Mixcycling® blended components can be injection molded in countless shapes, while produced in selected natural or color-blended shades.

The visible fibers create amazing effects. The lighter the color base, the more obvious the fibers.